Numer telefonu do Takie Kwiatki - 537 442 818 Email do Takie Kwiatki kliknij by napisać na Messengerze Dojazd do Takich Kwiatków

Our specialties are:

- Bouquets with delivery

- Wedding flowers

- Interior flower decorations (office & personal)

- Christmas & Easter decorations

- Funeral flowers



Mobile/Cell: 537 442 818

Visit my "Takie Kwiatki" flower shop: Cegielniana St., Krakow :-)


Facebook Messenger CodeScan this code with Facebook Messenger app ( @takiekwiatki ) to send a message to Takie Kwiatki. We'll respond as soon as it will be possible:)


Opening Hours::
Monday-Friday 10-18
Saturday: 10-14

If you need anything out of the opening hours just let me know;)

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